Bipolar Explorer



Norman Records (UK) Staff Review of "Sometimes"

Beautiful, very kind staff review of the band's latest album, SOMETIMES IN DREAMS, on the legendary Norman Records (UK) website. Honored to be part of their catalogue (excerpt):
"So much tragedy around in music at the moment. Bipolar Explorer were happily making post-rock and shoegaze when co-founder Summer Serafin passed away suddenly in 2011. Bravely her bandmate and partner Michael Serafin-Wells has continued the project as a tribute and this is a double album that continues what they started and often uses Summer's spoken word and vocals.
It's unusual in that the album drifts along the similar kind of bliss out path as the likes of Yellow6 and Landing but sometimes bursts quite poppily into song. A lot of the pieces feature spoken word and as a result I've seen the band compared to a cross between Slowdive and Laurie Anderson which I think is quite an accurate summation.
Unlike the former though, there's an edginess and therein lies the appeal. There are plenty of gems in this 2CD set blending sung lyrics with poetry and spoken word to convey tender affection, warmth and also great tragedy and sadness."
-Bipolar Explorer is the NYC dynamic duo of Summer Serafin and Michael Serafin-Wells. As ever on Slugg Records, “Sometimes in Dreams” is their seventh album…