Bipolar Explorer



"Listen" on Irene Trudel's show - WFMU

The great Irene Trudel played "Listen" the sixth track from the band's new album, DREAM TOGETHER, on her show on WFMU last night. Always super honored to be on Ms T's show - we've been ardent listeners and fans for years - we're in amazing company (Mark Eitzel, Elliott Smith, a live set from Hamish Hawk & Viking Moses, Nick Drake, The fucking Who...!).


Here's what she had to say about the track and the new album during her back announce:

"And...Bipolar Explorer. From yet another album of beautiful, spacey guitar and sadness and wonder. This one is called DREAM TOGETHER and it's sort of... well, how does Michael describe it? It's sort of... with a spoken word component... it's sort of a companion to a previous album, OF LOVE AND LOSS. DREAM TOGETHER is sorta like a song cycle, with instrumentals and poems and songs, woven together. And from it we heard "Listen". By Bipolar Explorer..."


Listen to the entire program, up now on the WFMU archive here. Thank you, Irene and everyone at 91.1!