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Full review of DREAM in France's Indiemusic Magazine

French music magazine, Indiemusic, has published a terrifically kind review of the band's new album on their site here. Below is the Google Translation into the English. Thank you, Raphael and everyone at Indiemusic.


Review by Raphael Duprez
January 17, 2017
Dans Chroniques

Bipolar Explorer offers a new album that is as much a reverie in a nature fertile and reassuring as a dream burning and crawling gently under our bare skins. In perpetual search for the discovery of the unknown, the trio delivers a work as simple as majestic and purified.

It is quite difficult at first to understand the music of the New York trio Bipolar Explorer when one is not used to it; What the author of these lines can testify when it came to penetrating the meanders of "Dream Together". Chords of guitars sober and charged with reverb and delay, voices and choruses distant but warm, all in an atmosphere as moist as light, like a refreshing breeze before the storm. The disc is adorned with long tracks brushing the six minutes when they do not surpass them, developing his riffs like so many mantras that we like to repeat to infinity, in a sensory and sound meditation of all beauty. No doubt this opus will destabilize more than one; But above all we must yield to the temptation, the inexorable attraction of these magical and nostalgic, deep and milky songs.

Alternating dark and placid instruments ("Thirteen", "View") and angelic and aerial songs ("Dream 3"), Bipolar Explorer plays with us hide-and- seek, concealing its assets and attires under six strings at the same time bitter and Crystalline, whose purity of interpretation, sounding like live, is not limited to a simple performance. It is indeed an experiment in the metaphysical sense of the term; "Fireflies" seems out of time and space, the lack of battery reinforcing this strange and penetrating feeling of a radical and fluffy comfort. The urgent brevity of "Along Those Lines" calls for a flight that will ultimately not come, if not through the painful and urgent song of "She Hears You Calling", catching and cathartic. Completing his epic ten-minute epic "To The Other Half Of The Sky", loaded with palpable electricity as well as an ultimate tour de force in softness, the group relaxes its muscles and leaves notes hovering, Long after its ultimate resonances.

"Dream Together" dares harmonic nudity without worrying about the eyes of others; And this is what makes it a less evident work than it seems, but especially devilishly endearing. It has rarely been possible for us to traverse such vast lands, leaving so primordial a place for our imagination, all by means of instruments and stamps that are literally enveloping and vibrating. A LP that is drunk, slowly, to better quench thirst. A walk through the clouds, without worrying about the next day.


"Dream Together" from Bipolar Explorer has been available since 1 January 2017 at Slugg Records.

Bipolar Explorer is Summer Serafin, Michael Serafin-Wells and Jason Sutherland.