Bipolar Explorer



Angels - Best Album of the Year

The band's record, Angels, has just been named to Ground Control Magazine's Critics Poll of Best Albums of the year, topping Publisher and Contributing Editor Daryl Darko Barnett's list at the number one slot. Excerpt below. Full feature here.


"01.) Bipolar Explorer – Angels – (Slugg Records): The New York City minimalist indie rock band continues to capture my attention with their ongoing stream of super-consciousness musical tributes to their fallen band member, Summer Serafin. Angels feels and sounds like a visitation of angels has descended upon, and electrified these men as they express their emotions of memory and loss. This is what music fueled by raw love and emotions sounds like. The single, “Angels,” is definitely my very favorite song of the entire year! Bipolar Explorer remain my number one small label indie band to keep an eye on for future greatness..."