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Lost Life

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Michael Serafin-Wells


Michael: "I had this chord progression playing through my delay pedal. It brought me to tears before I even wrote the lyrics or the bridge. Jason was coming over in an hour for practice, so I just had a go writing verse/chorus so we'd have something to work on. The bridge came last. I know what it is and where it came from. The whole thing is DCFC-inspired: one of Summer's and my favorite bands. We saw them in NorCal on my b'day in 2009 - one of the best days of my life. The bridge is the sound, the interval of notes I know I'll hear when get there -The Other Place, ya know? - I can picture her pulling up in her banged-up blue Prius at the celestial kiss n ride and taking me home at last. It wasn't any kind of an accident finding those notes..."


I still remember the day that we met
I'm still not anywhere over it yet
I remember the day that you died
I only wanna be with you on The Other Side
And somehow
Some way
It was a beautiful life that we had
And I miss you, now, baby
Oh, so bad.
The Light's gone out
And I ache like thunder
I still need you
And I just wonder if...
Some way...
Life's so lonely without you
But I bet
I haven't even seen the worst of it yet
All the love inside you
It saved me
And I know
That wherever you are now sweetheart
Is where I must go
So, somehow
Some way