Bipolar Explorer



Dream Together

by Bipolar Explorer

Released 01/01/2017
Slugg Records
Released 01/01/2017
Slugg Records
NYC dreampop trio, Bipolar Explorer, follow up their critically-acclaimed albums "Of Love And Loss" and "Angels" (Best Albums of the Year, 2013 & 2015 - Ground Control Magazine) with this breathtaking new work. "Eclectic, steadfast, powerful" - PopMatters
  • 05:57 Lyrics Thirteen


  • 05:39 Lyrics Not Alone

    Wherever you are
    We’re just a heartbeat apart
    And I’m not alone
    With no arms to hold me
    Let your spirit enfold me

    I’m not alone

    Light my candles
    In all and holy trust
    Pray over the pieces
    But it’ll never be enough
    Nobody told me
    And the saints ain’t coming through
    Help me summon my faith
    The same way I believe in you

    And should Grace befall
    And I hear you call
    I’ll know
    Let all Grace befall
    For I hear you call
    It’s so

    Through the night with lights on
    And into the day
    Forever broken
    I’ll remain un-awoken
    Til I hear you say

    Wherever you are
    We’re just a heartbeat apart
    And I’m not alone
    With no arms to hold me
    Let your spirit enfold me

    I’m not alone

  • 06:17 Lyrics Dream 3

    When it’s all but over
    When there’s no one true
    When I fall and failing
    When I ache for you
    When it’s all too heavy
    When I feel so small
    When there’s only heaven

    The precious spell and time will tell
    The world the tale
    How I’m in love with you
    I do

    When the day betrays me
    I can only crawl
    When I’m far past caring
    For myself at all (anymore)
    When I’m so forsaken
    When the darkness falls
    When I pray just to be taken

    The precious spell and time will tell
    The world the tale
    How I’m in love

    In holy dreams
    You speak and come to me
    In a fountain mystic thick
    And coolly in your hair
    You beckon to
    Then kiss and hold me
    I beg to stay forever there

  • 06:24 Lyrics Radioside


    Ear to the mirror
    To hear ya calling
    Sheer veneer
    Shimmer and shine
    Words ascend, electric speed
    Cascade right back to me

    On the radioside

    You’re all ethereal
    Miracle material
    Words ascend, electric speed
    Cascade right back to me

    On the radioside

    You’re all ethereal
    Miracle material

  • 04:18 Lyrics View


  • 05:24 Lyrics Listen

    The more I listen for
    At silence’s door
    The life before
    So bruised and sore
    My spirit torn
    For evermore
    If I could only
    Fly to you

    No matter where I turn
    With every breath I only yearn
    And ache and weep
    And beg and burn
    And pray each day
    For your return
    Fly to you

    Rest now
    In the garden of ours
    And I’ll be along
    To reverse every wrong
    In just a little while
    I’ll meet you there
    Through the tallest of trees
    And the warm Summer breeze
    In just a little while
    I’ll meet you there

  • 04:47 Lyrics Fireflies


  • 06:04 Lyrics Ever and Ever Forever

    Shine your light on
    Shine your light on
    Shine your light on me

    You’re a sight for sorest eyes
    The most heavenly surprise
    And I believe, yeah I do I believe,
    I believe ‘cause of you

    Shine your light on
    Shine your light on - shine your light on me

    A thousand times I prayed to die
    Just to let me find you somehow inside the sky
    But now I see
    Yeah, it’s true I can see
    I can see ‘cause it’s you

    Shine your light on me...

    And you never left my shattered heart
    You’re all and everything I ever wanted from the start
    And I believe, yeah I do I believe,
    I believe ‘cause it’s you

    And all the pain that came before
    All those fled no-weather friends
    It doesn’t matter anymore
    I believe!
    I believe and it’s true!
    I believe!
    And I’m here now with you!

    Shine your light on!
    Shine your light on!
    Shine your light on me

    Ever and ever forever and ever
    And I don’t mind
    Ever and ever forever and ever

    Shine your light on!
    Shine your light on!
    Shine your light on me!

    You’re a sight for sorest eyes
    The most heavenly surprise
    And I believe, yeah I do.
    I believe,
    I believe ‘cause it’s you

    Ever and ever forever and ever
    Shine your light on me

  • 02:56 Lyrics Along Those Lines


  • 05:06 Lyrics She Hears You Calling

    She hears you calling

    Early this morning
    As day broke to dawn
    As dreams gave way to waking
    I heard this psalm
    Your angel was there with a message she sent for you
    She’s heartsick and worried
    And only wishes you knew
    ‘Cause it’s so very true

    She hears you calling

    She knows how you're aching and lonely
    The pain you can hardly bear
    But lead with your heart and don’t break apart
    She’s preparing a place for you there

    She hears you calling

    And she remembers and loves you more
    Than merely mortal
    On earth
    You could ever know
    And she promises
    Just keep the faith
    In the blink of an eye
    Together you’ll go

    She hears you calling

  • 05:19 Lyrics Tail O'er Fin

    Well, it’s two if by sea
    One if by dry land
    And it may not be the way
    We had things planned
    But the riptide’s strong
    And I can’t see the shore
    I’m under for the third time
    And you’re the stuff
    Of mariner’s lore

    Don’t you know that I’m all the way in?
    Head over heels
    And tail right over fin

    Trailing your long red hair, you take me there
    Down twenty thousand leagues
    It's magic there
    And I don’t care
    That I can’t really breath
    As we swim by
    And seahorse ride
    Smile each aquatic friend
    Past Octopus Garden
    So happy, I’m starting
    To get the bends

    If it’s only just a dream
    Don’t wake me
    Don’t wanna know
    Take me wherever your spirit may lead me
    Into the deep blue
    And below

    Curled up with you on the seabed I’ll come to know
    Gratefully in your arms in our new home
    Life’s as before In this parallel universe
    All lost is found
    Thank god I drowned
    Ya know?
    It could be worse...

    Don’t you know that I’m all the way in?
    Head over heels and tail right over fin
    With you

  • 10:38 Lyrics To The Other Half Of The Sky

    I need you more than ever

    Tell me the story
    Of where we come from
    And then return
    So deep inside my heart
    Where you’ll remain and always burn
    The most beautiful spirit
    The miracle made true
    Blessed, precious treasure
    Need you more than ever

    I need you more than ever

    God bless your soul

    I need you more than ever

ABOUT THIS ALBUM: Their sixth album, NYC dreampop trio Bipolar Explorer follow up their critically acclaimed albums “Of Love and Loss” and “Angels” (Best Albums of the Year - Ground Control Magazine, 2013 and 2015, respectively) with this breathtaking new work.

Released on New Year’s Day 2017, DREAM TOGETHER found immediate praise from WFMU’s Liz Berg as “just a great album for winter” and USC filmmaker and author Alexandra Dennis-Renner writing on the day of its release “in light of a new year, I encourage everybody to snap up a copy of Bipolar Explorer's new album, "Dream Together", that dropped with the ball today. Every song on "Dream Together" is a reminder that the end of one thing is not necessarily the beginning of something new--not a hard reset--but the continuation of what was through the lens of what could be. What will be. And proof that there is always love, hope, and strength in that journey. There's something here for you and you are loved.”

Charting on both WFMU and at #18 on KDVS in the first weeks after its release, DREAM TOGETHER was received glowingly in France in a review by Raphael Duprez for Indiemusic Magazine:

"New York’s Bipolar Explorer offers a new album, their sixth, Dream Together (Slugg Records) which is as much a reverie as a dream burning and crawling gently under our bare skins. In perpetual search for the discovery of the unknown, the trio delivers a work as simple as it is majestic and pure. The guitars charged with reverb and delay, voices and choruses distant but warm, all in an atmosphere as moist as light, like a refreshing breeze before the storm. Daring and emotionally naked, doubtless this record may undo some. But we must yield to the temptation, the inexorable attraction of these magical and nostalgic, deep and milky songs. Alternatingly dark ("Thirteen", “View”), angelic and aerial (“Dream 3”), painful and urgent (“She Hears You Calling”), catching and cathartic, the album closes with the ten-minute epic "To The Other Half Of The Sky” - loaded with palpable electricity as well as an ultimate tour de force in softness - the group relaxing its muscles and leaving notes hovering long after its ultimate resonances. Devilishly endearing, Dream Together offers that rare possibility for us to traverse vast lands, leaving so primordial a place for our imagination, all by means of sonics that are literally enveloping and vibrating. A LP that is drunk, slowly, to better quench thirst. A walk through the clouds, without worrying about the next day."

DREAM TOGETHER is available both as a digital download and as a limited-edition CD with a beautiful 20-page booklet including song lyrics, narrative poems and vintage photos in the style of a Victorian book of verses, written and conceived by frontman Michael Serafin-Wells and art directed by the New York School of Visual Arts’s Audun Grimstad.

ABOUT THE BAND: Their double-album, OF LOVE AND LOSS (2013) - "The most significantly stirring and addictive musical accomplishment we've come across in some time. Taut, emotional, urgent and altogether haunting” - and its follow-up, ANGELS (2015) - “Electrifying, what music fueled by raw love and emotions sounds like” - each a Critics Pick for Best Albums of the Year by Ground Control Magazine, Bipolar Explorer are an NYC-based dreampop, post-rock trio - featuring Summer Serafin (vocals), former Uncle frontman Michael Serafin-Wells (lead guitar & vocals, bass and percussion), Jason Sutherland (guitar & backing vocals) and occasional guests - notable for intimate, electric live performances, unimpeachable songwriting, uncompromising DIY ethos and their playing without drums.

Featured on the legendary Irene Trudel's show on WFMU ("America's best radio station" - Rolling Stone) who calls their sound "beautiful, great drifty pop", the band’s newest record, DREAM TOGETHER, is released on Slugg Records New Years Day 2017.

Recorded, mixed and produced by the band at The Shrine in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, DREAM TOGETHER is the group’s sixth album overall and their second in just the span of a year.

In June 2016, the group released ELECTRIC HYMNAL, a sixteen track collection of devotional songs and spoken word (both secular and sacred) - a meditation and sonic prayer for their fallen bandmate, Michael's true love and partner, Summer Serafin - in a limited edition one-time pressing on CD only (no digital), offering it free of charge, as a gift of faith.

Again, praised by Ground Control: "...Get ready to be swept up and away by a prayerful reverie of melodies. Listening, I began to feel like I was flying. Don’t forget that Bipolar Explorer is a post-rock band. Low growling vocals, gnarly grinding tempos, rhythmic looping strands that escape and rise above the weight of this world, where angels and the living mingle…"

The interweaving of spoken word into the band’s work was explained by Serafin-Wells recently in conversation with USC filmmaker, Alexandra Dennis-Renner, who is making a documentary, "Sonic Prayer", about the band.

Having begun work on a live performance art adaptation of their double-album, OF LOVE AND LOSS - first presented as a "concert performance" in Brooklyn in October 2015 and expected to premiere in a found, possibly sacred venue sometime early-2017 - Serafin-Wells says,“the idea of a female voice, a spoken word narrator, came to mind. To tell the story in tandem with the band, supported by film projections. And once I wrote the narrative voice for the live Of Love, that just started to seem a natural thing, making its way into ELECTRIC HYMNAL and DREAM TOGETHER. Ya know? In that way that things sort of cross-pollinate through multiple projects. We were listening a lot to Laurie Anderson’s “Heart of A Dog” at the time and we kinda thought… yeah.”

In artistic collaboration with Yale’s Evan Yionoulis and several visual artist friends of the band, both OF LOVE AND LOSS and DREAM TOGETHER are conceived for performance as live installation pieces, in intimate, non-traditional settings.

Immersive and multi-media, this direction might well be seen as a natural outgrowth of the band’s perennial choice of performance setting - art galleries - and other non-traditional venues.

In conversation with Ground Control, Serafin-Wells once explained their live approach, saying, "we're not quite ex-punkrockers who decided to play without a drummer and not so damn loud, partly out of necessity and partly to see if we liked it."

Forging an unique sound - described variously as shoegaze, dreampop, slowcore, post-rock and minimalist indie - well serves the new songs Serafin-Wells began writing in the aftermath of the tragic loss of the group's female vocalist, Michael's love and partner, Summer Serafin, who passed away after a tragic accident in 2011. She was just 31.

At work at the time on a new record, the group eventually returned to those recordings, adding them to a handful of newly written songs post-tragedy and re-conceiving the album as both a testament and tribute to Ms. Serafin – muse, collaborator and True Love. The eclectic mix of studio and home recordings – entirely appropriate given Summer’s own fierce commitment to retaining the immediacy of the band’s demos in all “proper” releases - yielded a double-record, OF LOVE AND LOSS released to great acclaim in October 2012.

As Michael told Ground Control's Daryl Darko Barnett in a feature about the band "…It's kinda of, for and about her. Every last step of this - the final mixes, the final mastering, the final art (the double CD comes with a collage poster of photos and an incredibly arresting cover, Alex Alemany’s painting “Mediterraneo”) – it was really hard to let go of because it felt like something was ending. But playing these songs out – and we’re not trying to replicate Summer’s vocals, no one could – it’s still something going forward. It’s like a kind of prayer to her and we know, we can feel it – she’s around.”

Bipolar Explorer's releases include "Dream Together" (2017), "Electric Hymnal" (2016), "Angels" (2015), their holiday album - "BPXmas" (2014), "Of Love and Loss" (2012), the digital-only singles "We'll All Go Together" (2016) and "Downtown Train" (2015) and their earlier (pre-Summer) debut "Go Negative". All titles are available on Slugg Records.

released January 1, 2017

Summer Serafin: vocals.
Michael Serafin-Wells: guitars, bass, percussion, vocals.
Jason Sutherland - guitar, backing vocals.

Additional spoken word - Kim Donovan.

Recorded live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine - New York City. Produced by Bipolar Explorer.

Mastered by Scott Craggs, Old Colony - Boston.
Cover image: “Drowse” by Natalia Drepina.
Booklet conceived by Michael Serafin-Wells.
Art direction/layout: Audun Grimstad.

All songs by Michael Serafin-Wells, c. 2017 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP), c/p Slugg Records.

For Summer who filled my life with light and love and who is with me, I know. Not least of all for coming to me in dreams with several of these songs. In that magic place, between sleep and wake, I would quickly reach bedside to sing them into my phone before rising and figuring out the rest on guitar in the light of dawn. Little sweetheart, thank you. I know with all my soul that we are indeed “just a heartbeat apart”. With all my love forever...

-Michael Serafin-Wells, New York City, Jan 1, 2017