Bipolar Explorer



Electric Hymnal - CD

With beautiful artwork featuring the gorgeous cover by Michael Creese and layout by Tony Astone, a sixteen track collection of devotional songs and spoken word - a meditation and sonic prayer for the group's fallen bandmate, Michael's truelove and partner, Summer Serafin. Released on Slugg Records in a limited edition CD only (no digital) in a one-time only pressing and for free. A gift of faith, as gifts are meant to be imparted. Contact the group directly (free copies are avail only via the band, not our distribution partners or label) and send SASE to address provided. We can also tell you that the band is already at work on another full length album - "Dream Together" - to be released on Slugg Records in early September in both CD and digital formats avail everywhere and they will let you pay for that one. (smile) With love & faith - BPX